XXV Mänttä Art Festival from 13 June to 31 August 2021

Presentations in 14 Languages

Presentations in 14 Languages

XXV Mänttä Art Festival provided on-line exhibition tours in 14 different languages. The presentations were published on YouTube and on our social media channels. Languages included are Finnish, Swedish, English, Gibberish, Arabic, Farsi, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Turkmen, Urdu and Finnish Sign language. The presentations have English and Finnish subtitles.‘The COVID-19 situation has spurred us to come up with entirely new solutions that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Because the majority of the complementary events won’t be held this year, we decided to offer the opportunity to watch introductions of the pieces safely online on our YouTube channel, says curator Anna Ruth.

The videos

In German

Presented by Christina Stadlbauer. Featured artists: Egle Oddo, Uzair Amjad, Sami Lukkarinen & Roope Mokka and Kemê.

In Turkmen

Presented by Aishe Vejdani. Featured artists: Ari Pelkonen, Emma Fält & Roberto Fusco and Sami Lukkarinen.

In Finnish Sign Language

Presented by Jussi Rinta-Hoiska. Featured Artists: Tarja Malinen, Aishe Vejdani, Off/Balance & Anni Rissanen & Vappu Rossi and Timo Kokko.

In Farsi

Presented by Sepideh Rahaa. Featured Artists: Azar Saiyar, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Rosaliina Paavilainen.

In Arabic

Presented by Mariam Haji. Featured artists: Sirpa Varis, Pete Revonkorpi, Landys Roimola and Aaron Hiltunen.

In Urdu

Presented by Uzair Amjad. Featured artists: {TES}, Joonas Reijonen and Tiitus Petäjäniemi.

In Finnish

Presented by Azar Sayiar. Featured artists: Mariam Haji, Alpo Koivumäki, Heidi Naumanen, Pia Sirén and Jonna Suurhasko.

In Japan

Presented by Naoji Ishiyama. Featured artists: Ali Akbar Mehta, Christina Stadlbauer and Mayumi Niiranen Hisatomi.

In Spanish

Presented by Kemê. Featured artists: Sara Ilveskorpi & Sanna Vainionpää, Anna Knappe & Amir Jan and Mechanics of Conformity.

In Swedish

Presented by Pia Sirén. Featured artists: Mari Antjärvi, Markku Haanpää, Sara Ilveskorpi and Jussi Rinta-Hoiska.

In English

Presented by Edwina Goldstone. Featured artistst: Aino Kajaniemi, Henni Kitti, Hanna Råst and Hans-Peter Schütt.

In Gibberish

Presented by Suva. Featured artists: Jaakko Himanen & Vesa Toukomaa, Hodhayfa Salih and Timo Tuhkanen.